The Tea Experience

Tea is my favourite kind of aromatherapy.

I have always felt that that tea is a brilliant onslaught on the senses. I have also said before that tea is an experience, and it is true. Each tea is a unique one. In recent days, one of my favourite tea experiences has been that of the lemon green tea by Lipton. My sister came to visit us after a long while and brought some teas for me, one of which was the lemon green tea. And while I was sipping this light, zingy, refreshing tea, it really hit me how tea is not just any experience, but an experience for all senses. Let me narrate for you just how that is. Continue reading


True Taste of Tea

Tasting tea is no less complex than tasting wine.

I wish to amass enough variety of teas to one day host a tea tasting party with all of my favourites. And of course, I shall share that experience with you, my dear reader. That day shall come soon, but for now, let us talk about Turkish black tea. As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my friends gave me a variety of Turkish teas to try out, including this black tea. Continue reading