The Wonders of Chamomile Tea

I shall always drink tea, in sickness and in health, till death do us apart.

This past week could be awarded the title of ‘The Worst Week of the Year’ and it would be completely fitting. Because that it is exactly how bad my week was. You might be wondering what could have happened that made it the absolute worst week of the year. Well, I fell ill. It started with a little discomfort in my throat, a slight fever, and in the course of one day, it went from that to a full-blown burning fever and a sore throat so severe that I couldn’t even breathe much less swallow. I felt like I was being slowly roasted, and my throat felt like there were a million needles stuck in it. By the time night rolled around, I was almost delirious with fever and couldn’t even swallow water without squeezing my eyes shut and mentally bracing myself. Continue reading