T of tinklingteacups

tinklingteacups was born out of my love for tea and my soulseeking. 

I grew up drinking tea; it is an integral part of my culture. Though not knowledgeable about it, I always found it quite enjoyable and comforting. Now that I know there is a whole world of tea to discover and try out there, I was naturally inclined to dive into it. And being a person with a writer’s heart and soul, I decided to write a blog about my journey in discovering these teas. And what better time to have conversations than over tea? So as you experience tea with me, I shall let you in on my ramblings about life and all its nuances.

I am a quiet person and I like to surround myself with things that make me happy, like my family and friends, my cats, my books and of course, good tea. I am an introvert (mostly), and I prefer staying in rather than going out. I love nature though, and wouldn’t mind just sitting or walking outside in a beautiful place surrounded by nature. I also love the rain. I love to travel and have an insatiable wanderlust. Though I don’t travel much now, I wish to in the future, and when I do, I hope to start a travel blog too. I was born with the urge to write, and I am an aspiring author, hoping to get my first novel published soon.

I believe in kindness and love and compassion. I believe in being nice to people. And I believe that every person has some good inside of him or her. We are all beautiful, dear humans, inside and out. Let us remain so.

And so I invite you to experience soul stories and tea with me.

All the love, T.