Tea Break

A good cup of tea after a long day tastes undeniably better than the regular cup of tea.

Greetings my lovelies!

It has been a while since I have posted anything, and I apologise for the absence, especially since many new readers have just joined the tea party. This absence is not voluntary and definitely not something I like. However, it is necessary. And so, I am announcing a short hiatus here on tinklingteacups which will end soon. Fear not, I shall be back with a lot of enjoyable posts and many many new teas to talk about with you all.

Until then, my dear readers, I hope you will enjoy going through what is already here on tinklingteacups. Au revoir!
All the love, T.


White tea and chocolate cake


Whimsical Me, Whimsical Tea

I like my tea strong & with a whole lot of whimsy!

Most days we wake up to a cup of tea, either green or black or with a whole lot of milk. And then some days we just float along dreamily with aromatic tea experiences that come and go on a whim. I, for one, am quite kaleidoscopic in my temperament. I mostly remain sensible, but then I suddenly realise that life is quite boring without a little madness, and then I find that I simply must make myself some sort of exotic concoction to match my mood. Continue reading