New Year, More Tea.

“A cup of tea would restore my normality.” -Douglas Adams

Greetings dear readers! I hope you all enjoyed the New Year holidays in your own way. Though some people may say they dislike things like New Year resolutions and the whole “new year, new you” philosophy, it is undeniable that the beginning of a new year heralds in feelings of hope and a desire to improve in different ways. For me, health is going to be a focus this year. Which brings me to the tea in point: Rosehip.


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A Dream

Dreams are like tea. Spend time working on them like you do on making a good cup of tea, and see them come to life.

Greetings fellow teatotalers,

T of Tinklingteacups is back, and back with full force. I apologise for the long absence, I did not intend it to be quite so prolonged. But as things in life go, one thing led to another and college, research, finals and other things of such sort consumed me. In the time I spent working hard to get my degree, I realised that even though certain things gave me a sense of accomplishment, I was unhappy. Yes, education is important, but when it becomes the focus of your life to the point that it dominates everything and you cannot live your dreams, then is it really worth it? Continue reading

Whimsical Me, Whimsical Tea

I like my tea strong & with a whole lot of whimsy!

Most days we wake up to a cup of tea, either green or black or with a whole lot of milk. And then some days we just float along dreamily with aromatic tea experiences that come and go on a whim. I, for one, am quite kaleidoscopic in my temperament. I mostly remain sensible, but then I suddenly realise that life is quite boring without a little madness, and then I find that I simply must make myself some sort of exotic concoction to match my mood. Continue reading

Memorable Evenings & Special Teas

My specialty is drinking tea

Last week I took a trip to a small beach town with my friends that was arranged by our college. The picturesque French influenced town was truly a much-needed getaway for all of us. While many people might opt for wine while in a town like that, I of course went for tea. A dear friend and I had planned before the trip that we would have a little tea evening whilst there and that is just what we did. Continue reading

For Those Pensive Evenings

Anybody can be Sherlock with a cup of tea and John.

Hello dear reader, I may have been gone long, but I haven’t been idle. One of my closest friends gifted me a variety of Turkish teas from Lipton. A couple of herbal teas and fruit teas and some plain black tea. Over time I shall be sampling all of them and sharing my views with you. But for now, we shall tackle the Sage tea. Continue reading