New Year, More Tea.

“A cup of tea would restore my normality.” -Douglas Adams

Greetings dear readers! I hope you all enjoyed the New Year holidays in your own way. Though some people may say they dislike things like New Year resolutions and the whole “new year, new you” philosophy, it is undeniable that the beginning of a new year heralds in feelings of hope and a desire to improve in different ways. For me, health is going to be a focus this year. Which brings me to the tea in point: Rosehip.


Rosehip herbal tea, much like chamomile, has a wide range of health benefits. Rosehip is the fruit found at the base of wild rose bushes. It is used in a myriad of things like jams, pies and many drinks like juices, wine and of course, tea. Some health benefits of rosehip include high vitamin C content that helps fight cold and flu, high antioxidants that help boost the immune system and cleanse the body. It also contains pectin that aids digestion; it helps with diarrhoea, constipation, and urinary infection. Rosehip is also high in iron, which makes it great for pregnant women, and for easing symptoms of anaemia. In addition to all this, rosehip even helps with relieving headaches and dizziness, and preventing bladder infection. It’s high levels of vitamins A, D and E reduce chances of cancer. It can also be used as an antidepressant. And there’s more! That’s a lot for a little fruit.


Rosehip tea has a tartness to it that no doubt stems from the high content of vitamin C. Since it is a herbal tea, steeping it for longer gives a stronger flavour without the bitterness. It can be sweetened with sugar or honey, and can be had hot or cold. It brews a wonderful pinkish red colour. Rosehip tea doesn’t have a distinctive aroma. But the tangy almost sour flavour is quite enjoyable.


The undeniable health benefits make this tea great for those who are looking to be healthier this year. If not, you can still try this tea if you like tangy flavours. Give it a go either way, you might love it. I hope this year sees you achieving all your goals and becoming a better version of yourself. Until next time, dear reader.

All the love, T.


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