A Dream

Dreams are like tea. Spend time working on them like you do on making a good cup of tea, and see them come to life.

Greetings fellow teatotalers,

T of Tinklingteacups is back, and back with full force. I apologise for the long absence, I did not intend it to be quite so prolonged. But as things in life go, one thing led to another and college, research, finals and other things of such sort consumed me. In the time I spent working hard to get my degree, I realised that even though certain things gave me a sense of accomplishment, I was unhappy. Yes, education is important, but when it becomes the focus of your life to the point that it dominates everything and you cannot live your dreams, then is it really worth it?

I have a dream. It is a very practical, concise little dream that revolves around tea and books. You see, people dream of life in a sequence – Education (school, college, a degree), work (a successful career), love, marriage, children, growing old and feeling satisfied. I, on the other hand, have a singular dream – to write. This little dream has grown to encompass this blog, which though a fledgling, holds immense importance for me. And so, here is how I envision my future, how I dream my dream. An image that holds immeasurable bliss for me – sitting in the writing room of my small picturesque home, somewhere quiet, with the sunlight spilling over my desk as I observe a little stack of my published novels while sipping tea that I have blended, that is part of my small business, run from this very blog. Today, as I sit here sipping this tea with roses in it, I realise I let go of my dream. Every dream deserves to be nurtured and allowed to grow, just like a rose in bloom.


Sublime House of Tea’s Rose in Bloom

And this brings us to today’s tea – Rose in Bloom by Sublime House of Tea. This is a tisane that has rose petals in it. That is just magical to me. It has quite a strong flavour, and is naturally sweet. The smell of rose and fennel hits you as soon as you open the box. The herbs are nestled in little silken pyramids with the rose petals peeking through, ready to steep. I steep mine in hot water for 3-5 minutes.


The little silken pyramids with rose petals peeking through

It has a lovely yellow colour that is saturated yet clear, and it smells heavenly. There’s lot going on in terms of flavour. The first notes that hit you are a mixture of sweet and slightly spicy, with the body ever so slightly hinting of floral notes. The natural sweetness from the fennel and liquorice pervade throughout and the tail notes are definitely the lingering taste of liquorice. In fact, the sweet flavour doesn’t quite leave you for a while after you finish. The tisane itself is delightful, it is supposed to be cooling for your body and aid digestion as well. This tisane feels really smooth in the mouth and leaves a slight cooling sensation as well.


So my dear reader, give this tisane a try and chase your dreams. Catch them by the horns and experience the bliss that accompanies accomplishment. It is too easy to lose sight of what makes you happy in the hustle bustle of this world. Don’t ever let anything dull the spark in you. Chase things that excite you and make you feel alive. After all, only you can make your life worth it.

All the love, T.


Rose in Bloom


8 thoughts on “A Dream

  1. That dream! There were parts of it I could relate to🍃May every bit of it be fulfilled 🙂 and that tea seems wondrous🌹 want it right now!! The colorful little tea bag is absolutely delightful xx

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  2. Thank you for yet another beautifully penned ode to tea, T. What I wanted to enquire was whether you used honey in this particular cup of tea. And if you didn’t, do you think you could recommend a honey that you like to use with tea that is not as sweet?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Noora! No, I didn’t use any honey here because like I mentioned, this tea is naturally very sweet. If you would like though, you could try any raw organic honey. It is sweet, but better than the fake stuff that is really just sugar.


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