Ethereal Tea

It is easy to lose myself in a magic that is otherworldly, for this world holds no charm compared to that of my mind.

Ever since I was a little child, I have always lived with half of me in this world and the other half lost in my thoughts. Imagination was my biggest friend and the worlds I conjured up were always better than anything this world could be. As I was setting up to click pictures for this post, those feeling of wonder that surrounded my childhood came rushing back to me. As we grow up, we forget to keep that awe and fascination alive inside of us, we lose the sense of wonderment that gives magic to life.

This world is seldom kind to anybody. But I have found that keeping a little bit of magic alive inside me always helps to make it through the days. You can look for that inspiration anywhere, in books or beverages, in trees or in the sky, in friends or family, or even music. I found my little reminder in Turkish Elma tea.


Turkish tea in a little Turkish teacup

Part of the few Turkish teas my dear friend had given me, Elma is apple tea. A popular drink for tourists in Turkey, it has nothing to do with strong Turkish black tea at all. It is a fruit tea mild flavours and a beautiful red colour. Just like any Turkish tea, it is also served in little tulip shaped glasses.


The aroma wafting up from this teacup was extraordinary

The first thing that hits you about this tea is the aroma. The second you pour hot water over it, the scent just wafts up and drowns your senses. It has hints of apple but mostly smells sweet. However, when I took the first sip, I was quite surprised. I had heard that Elma tea tasted just like warm apple juice but this didn’t. It had a very tart head and body with an apple tail. Not being a fan of sour things, I added a bit of rock sugar to my tea and enjoyed the rest of it immensely. The sugar balances out the tartness of the tea well while taking nothing away from the complex flavours.


A sense of ethereal beauty surrounding the scene that even my cats were drawn to

While I sipped this tea from the little teacup, my room flooded in natural light, I could not help but feel nostalgic of the days gone by. The simpler days when I had no worries, when it was easy to forget the world and while away the hours in blissful imaginations. I have realised today that it is so important to keep that wonder alive in our hearts. Children are easy to get along with not because they are simple minded, but because they know how to appreciate the little, nondescript things in life, the things that truly hold magic that can fill our hearts with contentment.


Have your own little nostalgic experience

So I urge you my dear reader, to take time out to just make believe and relive the innocence that makes this world an infinitely better place.

All the love, T.


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