A Quick Little Update

Every cup of tea is an amazing, imaginary, heavenly journey!

Hello dear reader. I had a nice little post planned for today since I’m trying to post regularly every week. But sadness related things happened (college coursework) and I am here instead with a little update that I had promised some weeks ago.


Tropical Fruit iced tea

In my post Tea and Wanderlust, I had described for you the beautiful Tropical Fruit tea from Lipton, telling you just how much I enjoyed it and how much it poisoned me with wanderlust. I had also said that I would use that tea to make some iced tea and tell you how it turned out. I made it, and it was brilliant.


Tropical Fruit iced tea

I boiled water, added some rock sugar to it and let that dissolve. Then I put the tea in and let it steep, covered, for 5 minutes. I took two tea bags for about 600 ml of water. I then removed the bags and let it cool for a bit before pouring it into this glass bottle. I let the tea chill in the freezer for quite sometime and then proceeded to pour myself some over ice. I am pleased to inform you that I was right and this tea makes excellent iced tea!


Tropical Fruit iced tea

Though at first its flavour and colour were both light, they did deepen considerably later. The taste was just as good and it made me feel refreshed and happy. Give it a go my dear reader and enjoy yourself!

All the love, T.


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