Memorable Evenings & Special Teas

My specialty is drinking tea

Last week I took a trip to a small beach town with my friends that was arranged by our college. The picturesque French influenced town was truly a much-needed getaway for all of us. While many people might opt for wine while in a town like that, I of course went for tea. A dear friend and I had planned before the trip that we would have a little tea evening whilst there and that is just what we did.

Being the kind soul that she is, my friend bought tea from Teavana for me. Teavana is popular tea brand that specialises in high quality tea blends with a wide variety of flavours. She bought me a blend of Wild Orange Blossom and Youth berry. And it was simply divine. I have never tasted a more flavourful and amazing tea.

Dried tea

Dried tea with bits of fruit and flowers

The dry tea consisted of large bits of dried fruit and tiny flower petals mixed with white and herbal tea leaves. It was colourful and chunky and quite pretty to look at. The directions said to take one and a half teaspoon of tea and brew it for 2 minutes and so we did. Since we were staying at a hotel, we took the electric kettle, filled it with mineral water, added some misri (rock sugar) and set it to boil. Once the water boiled, we added the tea and let it brew for about three minutes. We found that the flavour was stronger and better if we left it in a little longer.

The vibrant colour of the tea

The vibrant colour of the tea

The perk of having had a tea evening in the hotel was that the cups they provided in the rooms were pristine white, which meant the colour of the tea popped out at us. It was a bright, lovely blush of pink that looked radiant against the white cups and the bits of tea floating around just added to the charm of the cup. Though the colour was vibrant, the tea was clear enough for us to see the bottom of the cup, which is a good indication of high quality teas.

We took the time to sniff our teas a little bit and the aroma was beautiful. This tea had a heady, sweet, fruity and floral scent that was wafting up from the cup even before I picked it up to smell it. To say I was already in love is an understatement. I got really excited to taste the tea and with high expectations, I took my first sip. I slurped it in and the flavours swam in my mouth sending me to heaven. It did not disappoint. It was quite humorous, the way I was enjoying the tea like a little child. Though we sweetened the tea, it also had a natural sweetness from the fruits. I tasted floral head notes of rose, a citrus and berry body and a sweet, syrupy tail note.

An evening well spent

An evening well spent

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening, cracking silly jokes and laughing at everything and nothing at all. We had another friend of ours on video call and truly, it was an evening to remember with special tea and special friends. Quite often we look for big things to give us happiness but as Albus Dumbledore said, “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.” And so we must look for light in the littlest things, dear reader, like enjoying a cup of tea with amazing friends.

All the love, T.


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