True Taste of Tea

Tasting tea is no less complex than tasting wine.

I wish to amass enough variety of teas to one day host a tea tasting party with all of my favourites. And of course, I shall share that experience with you, my dear reader. That day shall come soon, but for now, let us talk about Turkish black tea. As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my friends gave me a variety of Turkish teas to try out, including this black tea.


A little drizzle of coffee syrup and honey on toasted cake with Black Tea!

Now, in Turkish, black tea is called siyah çayı, which is a literal translation. I was given the Turkish black tea from Lipton. And let me tell you, it was one of the best black teas that I have tasted. It had a very potent aroma and the taste was really distinctive and pleasant. That was one cuppa that made me very happy.

I steeped the tea bag in hot water for three minutes and enjoyed my cup immensely. The colour was a proper, deep, beautiful brown. It had a sort of floral aroma and a pleasant mouth feel, while the taste was strong yet naturally sweet. It was a heavenly experience. I wish I could describe it better so that you could comprehend the brilliance of that tea.

Tea tasting, and describing, is a task that requires skill. I am trying to develop that skill so that I may become better at sharing my adventures with you. While I work on my skills, you can work on yours too. A bit of googling led me to this article on the Twinings website which I found very interesting. I learned that there is an entire vocabulary for describing aromas and flavours and after tastes of teas. Who would have known?

Now I shall endeavour to learn as much as I can about this new discovery and meanwhile you, dear reader, should go drink some tea.

All the love, T.

Tea and cake - key to happiness

Tea and cake – key to happiness


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