Tea Is Inspiration

Drink tea and seize the day.

There are days when you walk through life with a glum expression and no interest in anything. All you want is to get home, and pretend to be a sloth. On these days, dear reader, I advise you to make a cup of tea, and sit under the open sky while drinking it. And not just any tea, no! What you need on a day like this is iced tea!

I am constantly reminded of how brilliant my friends are. One of my closest friends gave me sachets of some Canadian iced tea a while back. I was saving them for a rainy day and yesterday was one such day. So I picked out my favourite jar, and made myself some amazing iced tea. Needless to say, I loved it. It was probably the best packaged ice tea I have ever tasted. I usually prefer to make iced tea at home, nothing compares to that taste, but this was an exception. Although not quite as good as its homemade counterpart, this tea blew me away.

Crystal Light - Canadian iced tea

Crystal Light – Canadian iced tea

The tea was called Crystal Light and it came in a long narrow sachet. It is made with real tea. The directions were to mix the small amount of powder in that sachet with 500 ml of water, but I, blinded by my hatred for bland tea put less water. I put the lid on my jar and shook it to dissolve the powder and added lots of ice and voila! When I took the first sip, I was shocked. This tea is REALLY potent. It packed a huge punch of flavour. The flavour was a perfect balance of sweet and sour. It was light, crisp, and refreshing with the most amazing dark colour. Just the smell of it was intoxicating.

Iced tea in a jar

Iced tea in a jar – Just look at that colour

As I sat there sipping this tea and getting excited, I was seized with sudden inspiration. It put me in such a good mood. I wanted to get up and do things and achieve my goals and live my dreams. And when I told my friend this, she brought my attention to carpe diem, the latin term for seize the day, and truly, this tea inspired me to do just that. Carpe diem to me is the movie Dead Poets Society, it is the poem “Oh Captain! My Captain!” by Walt Whitman, it is all the inspiring figures I look up to. We don’t realise how short life is. Most of us spend our lives believing we got dealt the worst hand and are either complaining or pitying ourselves. What we need to understand is that our life, the way we live it, what we make of it and ourselves, is our choice. If not in bigger ways, then in the smallest way at least, we can make a difference.

So grab your cup of refreshing iced tea and go seize the day, dear reader. Grab it by the collar and pull it along for the ride.

All the love, T.

Drink tea and seize the day

Drink tea and seize the day


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