For Those Pensive Evenings

Anybody can be Sherlock with a cup of tea and John.

Hello dear reader, I may have been gone long, but I haven’t been idle. One of my closest friends gifted me a variety of Turkish teas from Lipton. A couple of herbal teas and fruit teas and some plain black tea. Over time I shall be sampling all of them and sharing my views with you. But for now, we shall tackle the Sage tea.

The Turkish Sage tea by Lipton comes in a little paper sachet with an illustration of Sage leaves and flowers and the name in Turkish which reads Adaçayı. Sage tea is a simple, light, herbal tea which is called bitki çayı in Turkish. Due to the sage flower and the sachet being a purple colour, I expected the tea to have slight purple tinge. To my surprise however, as I was steeping the tea, it first was a light yellow colour which turned into a slight greenish shade and then deepened to an orange colour. The taste however, was unmistakably herbal. It tasted a bit like the rosemary tea I had once brewed using dried rosemary. Since I had mine unsweetened, it tasted almost savoury to me, but that could be because I related the taste to dried herbs used in cooking savoury food or because it lacked the natural sweetness of other herbal teas I have tried.

The orange shade of the Sage herbal tea

The orange shade of the Sage herbal tea

That being said, it was by no means unpleasant. I found it quite mellow and nice, and it put me in a very calm mood. And it got me thinking about a lot of things. I realised, though this could be only me, that a good cup of herbal tea can really clear your head and even lead to increased productivity. And I believe this is the result of the smell of these teas. I personally find the aroma of these teas more alluring than the taste itself. Tea drinking, therefore, is my favourite kind of aromatherapy.

If you think long enough, and hard enough, then answers can be found to almost every problem. You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes for that, but if you find that you must, then make yourself some tea and find yourself a Doctor Watson, and you’ll see that you can do Sherlockian things. Tea is empowerment dear reader, go witness its magic yourself.

All the love, T.

Sage tea for the Sherlock in you

Sage tea for the Sherlock in you


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