Tea Fixes Everything

When the soul needs soothing, have a cup of milk tea.

There are times when you feel like nothing is going right, when you feel like the whole world is against you, when you want to have nothing to do with anything, and all for no apparent reason. You feel horrible but you don’t know why. What you actually need at a time like this is good, strong, hearty tea. Milk tea is comfort tea. Personally, I am of the opinion that herbal or green teas are not going to make you feel like somebody is hugging you when you sip them; milk tea is. There is nothing wrong with creamy, sweet, strong tea! I dislike people who think they are intellectually superior just because they have their tea without milk and sugar. And trust me, I know people like that exist. There shall be no tea discrimination on this blog! I believe all teas are equal and that they are wonderful!

Anyway, I was having one such day and I thought, “Well, I need some special tea.” And so I went into the kitchen, and brewed some wonderful tea for myself. Now I would have liked to share with you what exactly it is called, but sadly, I don’t know. My father bought that tea for me and just said it was Gulabi Chai or Pink Tea. However when I looked for it online, the only Pink Tea I could find was the Kashmiri Pink Tea which is made with green tea leaves and spices. The tea I have is dried, black tea with a distinct sweet and fruity smell and an amazing, vibrant, orange-pink colour, and it tastes exactly like it smells. It has a depth of flavour that I cannot describe.

The dried black tea

The dried black tea

You take some water in a kettle, bring it to the boil, add the dried tea and let it simmer for a couple of minutes before turning it off. The colour the tea bleeds into the water is magnificent. To serve, you pour a bit of decoction in a pretty teacup, add some hot milk and sugar to taste and voilà! Of course you could just have it black, but remember, you need a hug in your teacup, and you need milk and sugar for that.

I shall continue my search and let you know the exact name of this tea as soon as possible, meanwhile, let me tell you what I had along with that tea. There was some Naan leftover from that morning and what that is, is a type of thick flatbread which is leavened and oven baked. So I cut a little square of it, sliced the top half off, toasted it, and spread some zesty, sweet, orange marmalade on it before topping it off with the other toasted half. Then I took another little square, and instead of marmalade, this time I put a little cheese on it, sprinkled some dried basil, put the top on and toasted it till the cheese melted. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

And that, dear reader, is how you make yourself feel better. Now go make yourself a spot of tea. You can thank me later.

All the love, T.

A Spot of Tea

A Spot of Tea


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