Welcome, dear reader, to my journey towards tea education.

Where I come from, tea only meant what is known as a ‘builder’s brew’, a strong decoction topped with lots of milk and sugar. Growing up, it was the only kind of tea I ever had. But in recent years, I discovered a wondrous world where there were so many types of teas that I couldn’t even remember all of their names! There were black teas, white teas, green teas, herbal teas, and a myriad of varieties within each of these types as well. Needless to say, I wanted to try them all. I remember starting with green tea, and nearly choking myself to death while trying to swallow the first sip. I had not known how to brew green tea and had cooked up such a bitter concoction that even poison would be deemed sweet in comparison. Thankfully though, I did not have to stumble into the tea world with no idea about anything.

You see, when I made my love for tea known, I also found friends as equally taken with tea as I was. Not only did they love tea, they also knew more about it than I did. So with a little help from them, I began my journey into the magical realm of teas. And I thought, Why not share this experience? Since I am only beginning my own adventure, I thought I’d take along any willing companions out there. So you are welcome to follow and join in my travels as I try new teas and learn about this majestic plant by the name of Camellia Sinensis!

All the love, T.

Care for some tea?

Care for some tea?


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